Beanstream is a gateway headquartered in Canada and offering payment processing across North America.


You will require the beanstream python package maintained by the community.

Settings attributes required (optional if you are passing them while initializing the gateway) for this integration are:

  • MERCHANT_ID: The merchant id provided by Beanstream. Can be obtained from the account dashboard.
  • LOGIN_COMPANY: The company name as visible from the account settings in the dashboard.
  • LOGIN_USER: The username used to login to the account dashboard.
  • LOGIN_PASSWORD: The password used to login to the account dashboard.
  • HASH_ALGORITHM: This is optional but required if you have enabled hashing in account dashboard. The values may be one of SHA-1 and MD5.
  • HASHCODE: If the above attribute is enabled, then set this attribute to the hash value you’ve setup in the account dashboard.

Settings attributes:

MERCHANT_TEST_MODE = True # Toggle for live
    "beanstream": {
        "MERCHANT_ID": "???",
        "LOGIN_COMPANY": "???",
        "LOGIN_USER": "???",
        "LOGIN_PASSWORD": "???",
        # The below two attributes are optional
        "HASH_ALGORITHM": "???",
        "HASHCODE": "???",


Simple usage:

>>> beanstream = get_gateway("beanstream")
>>> credit_card = CreditCard(first_name="Test", last_name="User",
                             month=10, year=2011,

# Bill the user for 1000 USD
>>> resp = beanstream.purchase(1000, credit_card)
>>> resp["response"].resp.approved()

# Authorize the card for 1000 USD
>>> resp = beanstream.authorize(1000, credit_card)

# Capture funds (900 USD) from a previously authorized transaction
>>> response = beanstream.capture(900, resp["response"].resp["trnId"])
>>> response["response"].resp.approved()

# Void an authorized transaction
>>> beanstream.void(resp["response"].resp["trnId"])